“A Prayer For The Harvest”

September 16, 2021

Father, there is great celebration during the harvest season for those who worked together in preparing the field, sowing the seed and managing the growing crops to ensure optimal yields. Then comes the hard work and joy of the harvest. While physical crops are vital to our earthly life spiritual crops are vital to our eternal life. Jesus tells us to open our eyes and look at the fields that are ripe for harvest making the sower and reaper glad together as their labor of spreading the gospel brings forth fruit that lasts not just for a season but for all eternity, since the Scripture says that everlasting joy will be upon the heads of the redeemed. Praise the Lord, amen!

A Prayer For Being Steadfast”

September 15, 2021

Father, we are warned to be on our guard so that we are not carried away by the error of unprincipled people and fall from our steadfast position in Christ. Help us to be led by Your Spirit and taught by the Scripture to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ which will enable us to stand firm in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith entrusted to us. Through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

“A Prayer To Our Compassionate God”

September 13, 2021

Father God, Your almighty power is balanced with Your tender compassion toward all of creation. It is because of Your abundant mercies that we are not consumed or utterly forsaken, that we are valued far above the common insect or even the most cuddly pet. You show Your compassionate sovereignty to us by creating the sun, moon and stars that give us light. You created plants as a food source and provide a climate suitable for sustaining life. Your love is most evident when You sent Your Son as our Redeemer. Thank You for clothing us with dignity, providing us with salvation and for abiding with us day in and day out. Amen.

“A Prayer Of Thanks For Our Permanent Home”

September 10, 2021

Father, we’re mindful of the Scriptures that caution us not to fix our attention, energy, and finances solely on our temporary brick and mortar dwelling here on earth, for it will one day perish or be taken from us. Likewise we are to regard our bodies as perishable, like that of earthly tents. Ever since Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil our bodies have taken on mortality. Our physical body is decaying day by day even though we try to delay the discomfort and limitations that accompany the aging process. But the most wonderful news for the believer is that these future resurrected bodies of ours are not built by human hands but by You, our Creator. And on Your appointed day our eternal spirit will be joined with our flesh that has taken on immortality. We will no longer groan from the painful anatomical effects of aging, for our new bodies will be perfect, disease free and ageless in our everlasting life. Knowing that such unending blessing lies in our future gives us hope and endurance for the ills of this present life. Amen.

“A Prayer Of Commitment To Faithfulness”

September 9, 2021

Father, we’re warned in Proverbs 4:27 that we must avoid evil and walk straight ahead, not taking one step off the right way. We don’t want to be lured by the enemy or caught in his diabolical trap. Living in this sin-filled world might lead us to despair especially those raising children or grandchildren, but we look to You for grace, strength and a firm resolve to remain faithful and hopeful because the Scripture reminds us, “Where sin abounds, grace doth much more abound.” Where there is the existence of sin there is the presence of God’s sustaining grace to help see us through our troubled world, to help us see the kingdom of God that will last for all eternity where sin will not enter so it can no longer destroy! Until that day we choose to remain faithful, hopeful, and to spread the good news of Jesus Christ wherever we live, work, and commune. Amen.

“A Prayer For That Glorious Day”

September 7, 2021

Father, we count our lives on earth as nothing compared to the glory of heaven where we will worship You for all eternity. Among us will be John the Baptist who will tell us of the way He was used to prepare the way for Christ’s mission on earth. We’ll listen with keen interest as Elizabeth tells of how the disgrace she felt among family and peers due to her barren state was lifted after learning of her miraculous pregnancy. Zechariah will speak of his amazing nine month silence before baby John arrived. Heaven will be filled with people through all the centuries who have amazing stories to share. We will be in personal fellowship with each of them; no longer will the time line separate us nor the geographic location. What a glorious day it will be when we come together around Your throne singing Your praise with every generation blending our voices together. We give glory to the Holy One of Israel right now and for all eternity. Amen.

“A Prayer For Fruitful Work”

September 6, 2021

Father, help us to have the right attitude when we do our work, not grudgingly or with murmuring. We want to do our work with a grateful spirit, grateful for our ability to work and grateful for those who have created our jobs. May we have not only our own interest at heart, but those we work for and those we work alongside. Since we influence those around us, let our influence be for good and not for dissension or ingratitude so that we are making a valuable contribution to our workplace while also honoring You. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

“A Prayer To Overcome Rage”

September 3, 2021

Father, when we are angry You tell us to stay above the fray and sin not. There are times when it is appropriate to be angry such as when we see a person harming another individual; when we have been lied to, when we have been unfairly accused or when we see the rotting decay around us due to the forces of evil. These circumstances along with many others stir up strong emotions with us and often require a response to the matter. Keep us prayerful which will enable us to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. May we respond as Jesus did to His many accusers, though innocent, He spoke not a word in His defense. And may we be careful not to keep a scoreboard of other’s offenses. We pray this in the mighty name of Jesus who forgives us and does not count our sins against us, but rather took them upon Himself. Amen

“A Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Abundant Grace”

September 2, 2021

Father, Your abundant grace is poured out on humankind like showers of blessings, both for believer and unbeliever alike. Yet it is only as we appropriate Your saving grace that we turn away from evil and walk in the ways of righteousness. Many leaders and rulers have come and gone, but You, Father, are the eternal One whose Kingdom knows no end. We humble ourselves in the light of Your majesty as we bring honor to Your holy name and live as a people who are eager to do what is good. Amen.

“A Prayer For Being Prepared”

September 1, 2021

Father, depending on the state of our hearts we view the Scriptures about death or the return of Your Son, in dread as a warning, or in joyful anticipation as a welcoming. We prepare our hearts by trusting You and asking You for the forgiveness of sins and inviting You to reign in our lives. We pray for those we love that they too will make spiritual preparations for their death or to be ready for the trumpet sound when the dead in Christ rise first and then we who believe will be caught up to meet Jesus in the skies. We have been warned, so we want to be prepared  and welcome with great anticipation the time when we will transition upon our death or when Christ returns at His second coming. We lift up our heads as our redemption draws near. Amen.

For further Scripture regarding the second coming of Christ see I Thessalonians 4:13-5:11Revelation 1:7.