“A Prayer For Being A God-Pleaser”

January 7, 2016

Praying man Father, there is no higher calling in our life’s journey than to be ambassadors for Christ. When we lovingly cradle infants in the church nursery, or teach youngsters Bible stories and spiritual truths, whether we provide spiritual guidance to teens during their often tumultuous years, when we lead support groups, or whatever setting in which we seek to spread the gospel message, we long for Your approval and blessing. We’re tempted to listen to popular teachers, authors, and spiritual fads of the day and align our teaching and standards in accordance to their influence, but help us to ever be wary of those who stray from the written Word. Above all and in all, we desire Your approval that comes from our own in depth study of the Scriptures, and that which the Holy Spirit speaks to us about rightly dividing the Word of Truth in balance of the entirety of  Scripture. We pray especially for pastors of our church, for professors of Christian colleges, seminaries and universities, and for principals and teachers of our Christian schools, that they would resist the temptation to be popular, politically correct, or academically acceptable but rather embrace the desire to be approved by You, our Master Teacher. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


This Daily Prayer is from this Daily Encouragement message.

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