“A Prayer For Revival”

June 13, 2016

Praying man Father, we long to experience revival so that we will be renewed in mind, in spirit and in purpose. The journey seems long and the continual allurement to that which satisfies only for a season can turn our hearts away from the living waters that forever quenches our thirsty soul. Rekindle us with fire from above as You satisfy the longings of our soul and impassion us with the desire to reach the lost. In Jesus’ name we pray. In addition, Lord, we pray for the families of those who perished in Orlando, Florida on Sunday morning along with the scores of those now hospitalized and recovering for their injuries. Help the families cope with the mass confusion that accompanies this horrendous slaughter. And, Lord, may this evil plot not further the moral chaos that is evident throughout the world but reveal our need to repent, Amen.

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