“A Prayer For Opened Eyes”

February 24, 2017

Praying manFather, remove the scales of indifference, fear, skepticism, doubt, and unbelief along with any other unwanted attitudes or traits that would keep me from giving You my all. When the scales are removed I no longer see that which holds me back but I see Jesus who said, “….With God all things are possible.” When the scales are removed I find that Your power propels me into service, reaching out to the lost and showing the way to forgiveness and eternal life. Help me to have the courage of Ananias to reach out to those who seem hopeless, undeserving, and zealous in all the wrong ways like Saul. Just as Ananias had a tremendous role in mentoring the Tormentor Saul as he became the Preacher Paul, we too can make a difference in one’s life who is lost, hurting, and presently headed to eternity without You. Remove our scales and launch us forward in service to You, we pray. Amen.


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