“A Prayer For Those Serving In Dangerous Places”

April 24, 2017

Praying man Father, when we pray, “Jesus use me” we’re excited about being a builder of Your kingdom right here on earth. But we rarely consider the dangers, discomforts and sacrifices we may be called to endure as we embark upon Your kingdom service. We thank You for those who hear Your call, follow Your leading, and fully surrender everything to obey You as they lead others to Christ and disciple them in the ways of Christianity. As John Newton wrote about the “many dangers, toils and snares” common to the believer we’re reminded to pray for those on the front lines who experience dangers daily. Increase their faith by bringing to their memories Scriptures that will spur them on even as the enemy tries to halt them. May their example of steadfastness in the midst of injustice and suffering draw others to the living Christ. Deliver them from danger and increase their faith along with that of their family members as You provide for all their needs emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


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