“A Prayer For When There Will Be No More Tears”

June 12, 2017

Revelation 21:4 Father, You take notice when we offer to you our prayer of tears. You sense the agony within our heart that stifles our ability to speak aloud of that which troubles our minds leaving us with such emotions as grief, remorse, fear, and struggles with unanswered prayer. Job, in his ongoing trials described his prayer of tears as, his face was flushed from weeping; and deep darkness was on his eyelids. Yet our tears are not in vain since they communicate to You in a language that only you can fully understand and they relieve us of built up emotion. Thank You for weeping along with us and upholding us with Your righteous hand so that we do not fall into despair. But we continue to trust, believe, and we even cry since You hear every tear that falls. And one day crying will be a thing of the past since there will be no more crying, no pain and no sorrow on the other side. What a blessed relief! Amen.


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