A Prayer For Eternal Hope”

September 29, 2017

Praying man Father of all compassion, may each of us come to know the sweetness, the serenity, and the strength that comes from knowing You personally and fully trusting in the One who gives to us a “hope that does not disappoint”. When we lean upon You for all that concerns us we embrace eternal hope, the kind of hope that reminds us that much of this world’s problems and even our own troubles may not be fully resolved here and now. But eternal hope brings to mind that, even when all is not well on this side, we have a fixed hope that cannot be diminished by life’s trials. In fact it is in our suffering that we can choose to develop godly character and a persevering spirit. After all, it is those who share in Christ’s sufferings that also share in His glory. Be glorified in our lives we pray. Amen.


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