“A Prayer For The Church Shooting Victims”

November 6, 2017

Praying manFather, it seems that week after week we hear of yet another attack or massacre taking place nearby or in a distant land. Unless it directly involves us or our family, we could grow numb from the constant reports of such happenings. But we are freshly aware of the savage killings of our brothers and sisters, both young and old, who innocently gathered with their church family on Sunday to worship You as they have for many years, some of them brought into this church from infancy. As we begin to see the photos and learn of the families whose loved ones were struck down, we’re personally moved as we consider the deep suffering of those who endure. Father, we can make no sense of this and yet we know that You will bring good out of evil. You will take this disastrous event and bring about remarkable testimonies of healing, forgiveness, restoration, strength, and guidance from those who must rebuild their lives without their loved ones. We pray for the pastor and his wife who experienced their own loss, that they will be led of Your Spirit, and find strength and encouragement in the days, weeks and years ahead as they lend comfort, instruction, and exemplify an overcoming spirit to those entrusted to their care. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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