“A Prayer For Being A Part Of God’s Supply Chain”

November 29, 2017

Praying man Father, we thank You that in Your perfect design You have work for all of us to do, whether it’s at the beginning of the supply chain or at the end. You also skill people to promote or distribute these products so that they make helpful contributions to our daily lives. Whether it’s factory worker making equipment, the farmer who raises the poultry, the truck driver transporting the poultry, the employees at the factory who clean and process the eggs or meat, the butchers that safely stores the poultry before purchase, or the person who prepares it for others to enjoy at their dinner table many people have a role in the supply chain. Today we are grateful for the part we have in the work that we are given. May we do it heartily as unto You…for it is You that we seek to please and thereby we bless others as well. Amen.

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