“A Prayer For The Old And Gray”

January 4, 2018

Thankful man Father, we’ve learned the importance of Scripture study and memorization because it is our spiritual life line, giving us guidance, encouragement, instruction, correction, and training in righteousness as we journey here below. It enables us to live a godly life while also preparing our hearts for eternity in heaven. Life is far from perfect in this imperfect world and there is much that we cannot fully understand or control. But we know that You are able to keep that which we commit to You until the day of our union with Christ, which supplies peace to our heart and assurance in our spirit. Though symptoms of aging can make one feel useless or insignificant You have work for us to do in every season of our life. The wisdom, experience, and unhurried soul of an aging saint can greatly benefit those whom they influence whether it’s a family member, roommate, health care worker or volunteer. For even when we are old and gray, O God, You do not forsake us, for we are still declaring Your strength to this generation and Your power to all who are to come. Amen.

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