“A Prayer For The Persecuted”

April 18, 2018

Praying man Father, in faith, we look to You for strength today and bright hope for tomorrow. Just as Stephen, as written in the book of Acts, had a glimpse of Your glory in heaven and Jesus standing at Your right hand he was filled with confidence to remain true to his convictions and calling though painful death was imminent. We pray for those enduring similar persecution today all throughout the world, including Pastor Andrew Brunson and Pastor Raymond Koh missing for over a year now. Bring comfort, assurance and daily hope to their family members and sustain them when they feel weak or helpless. May we all turn our hearts toward heaven so that we seek Your approval and blessing above the temporal thrills this world has to offer. May we perish every fond ambition, all we’ve sought, and hoped and known in exchange for the glories of heaven where we will reign with You forevermore. I want to make a firm resolve to live fully for You, for it is in You that I have put my trust: I will not be afraid of what man can do unto me.  Amen.

See Psalm 56

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