“A Prayer For Doing Right”

August 7, 2018
Praying manFather, we’re warned in Proverbs 4:27 that we must avoid evil and walk straight ahead, not taking one step off the right way. We don’t want to be lured by the enemy or caught in his diabolical trap. Living in this ever growing sin-filled world might lead us to despair especially those raising children or grandchildren, but we look to You for grace, strength and a firm resolve to remain faithful and hopeful because the Scripture reminds us, “Where sin abounds, grace doth much more abound.” Where there is the existence of sin there is the presence of grace to help see us through our troubled world, to help us see the kingdom of God that will last for all eternity where sin will not enter so it can no longer destroy! Until that day we choose to remain faithful, hopeful, and to spread the good news of Jesus Christ wherever we live, work, and commune. Amen.

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