“A Prayer For Making Life’s Most Important Decision”

November 7, 2018

Praying man Father, the philosophies, trends, and mind-set of the world stands in great contrast to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your Word tells us that those who do not stand with You are against You. We can’t walk on both sides of the fence so we are faced with a choice we must make; the same kind of choice Joshua gave to the Israelites 3,400 years ago. We must choose whether to follow after the gods of this world and forsake You or we must forsake the world and devote ourselves to You. Father, I choose to follow after You; You who reconciled me to Yourself through Jesus. You have proven Yourself trustworthy for Your promises are true. You provide the power and presence of Your Holy Spirit to lead and direct my every path. I choose You today, exclusively and eternally!  Amen.

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