“A Prayer For Being Reminded”

November 19, 2018

Daily prayer: Father, it is good to remind ourselves “to never doubt in the darkness what You have told us in the light.” It is in the thick of things that we often let the light of Your Word grow dim and turn to human methods to resolve our problems, growing more frustrated all the while. The glory of Your divine light cuts through the fog that clouds our journey here below helping us to enjoy peace and rest when we fully trust You; for the darkness of our situation does not stop Your glorious light from getting through and showing us the next step we take which leads us closer and closer to our eternal home. You are worthy of all praise, glory, honor and thanksgiving! Amen.

For this message, photos, links to music and other resources related to this message see our archive version on the website. https://www.dailyencouragement.net/archives/2018-11-19.htm

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