“A Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Gift Of Clothing”

December 5, 2018

Father, my soul rejoices in the wondrous Gift of Your Son, Jesus, who descended from the sinless atmosphere of heaven and clothed Himself in the garment of humankind. Prior to this marvelous undertaking You spoke to us through the prophets who revealed only a partial and preparatory revelation of the Triune God. But the perfect revelation of who You are is revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ which is made visible and understandable in human terms. For the Son is the radiance of Your glory and the exact representation of Your Being. As we have come to know Jesus, the Son of man, we also know You, Father, because Your character and power are revealed in the life and works of Your Son, Jesus. Thank You for mercifully adopting us as Your children and clothing us in robes of righteousness, for without this clothing, we cannot enter heaven. Amen.

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