“A Prayer For Assurance During Unplanned Journeys”

January 30, 2019

Father, when we as believers choose to walk the narrow path of righteousness, we don’t know where it will lead us. But we do know that we never walk alone and that You are there to guide us through every detour we encounter along the way. We might see them as detours that slow us down or require us to rescript the tour we planned for our life’s journey. But You use detours for Your greater purpose to strengthen our faith, to bring us to our knees in prayer, and to help us empathize with others who are hurting. It’s one thing to theoretically tell others that we trust You no matter what, but it is far more effective when we can experientially tell others our sufficiency is in Christ. We pray for those who are beginning a new journey, one they did not map out for themselves, that they will find that You are all-sufficient to meet their every need and that You guide them every step of the way, even their mis-step, for You uphold us with Your righteous right hand. Thank You that You replace worry and fear with trust and assurance. Amen.

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