“A Prayer For Those In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death”

October 2, 2019

Father, *there’s one thing I count on; You’re the same God who never fails and You will not fail me now. In the waiting You’re the same God who’s never late but You’re working all things out. Yes, You’re working all things out so I choose to lift You high in the lowest valley. I will bless Your name and sing for joy even when my heart is heavy. I will choose not to focus on the dark valley or be distracted by its shadows. I choose to see through the valley, past the darkness, and look with confidence to the other side since the dark valley is a place to go through, not a place to reside. You will, by Your grace and goodness, bring me through the valley and restore my soul so that in the end I will stand in triumph on my foes and testify to Your goodness and faithfulness. Amen.

*The words at the beginning of our prayer today are adapted from the song link we present by Vertical Worship “Yes I Will”. I, Brooksyne, was inspired by words in this song as I began to write our prayer today. Every time we sing this at church I am so moved by the message to stand firm and rejoice even in the midst of the trial we may be enduring, choosing to glorify God in it. This song will touch your heart and may help you to remember that God is glorified not only in the good things we enjoy in this life but also in the trials we endure. Romans 8:17 says that to prove that we are heirs of Christ, “we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory”.

For this message, photos, links to music and other resources related to this message see our archive version on the website. https://www.dailyencouragement.net/archives/2019-10-02.htm

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