“A Prayer For Walking The Path Of Life”

October 31, 2019

Father, what a tremendous blessing that the path of life leads upward for the wise. This path is certainly not the shortest, most traveled, or least difficult trail. There are times when the incline may be so steep it forces me to humbly kneel down before You, the Lord my Maker. Your strength is perfect when my strength is weak. It is a place where I realize it is no longer my strength but it is in Your perfect strength that I walk. It is no longer my plan but Your perfect plan that I follow. It is no longer my wisdom but Your perfect wisdom that instructs me. You give perfect direction and adequate strength to walk the upward path that leads to life everlasting. Thank You that I will never walk the path of life alone, for You lead the way as You make my feet like hind’s feet on high places. Amen.

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