“A Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Grace”

April 6, 2020

Father, the story of Malchus reminds us of those who come against You in their thoughts, words and actions. Yet You respond to them in love as You extend Your saving grace toward them. When we were powerless, lost in our transgressions and sins, You died for us, the ungodly. You made a way for us to be justified through Jesus’ shedding of innocent blood so that we, though guilty, could be saved from Your wrath. We are no longer enemies of the cross, but reconciled to You, our Father, through Jesus’ shed blood on the cross. We want to sow seeds of salvation wherever we go and trust You for the eventual saving of lives.

Our eyes are on You and our hearts are drawn to Your Word especially during this critical peak of the coronavirus. People are fearful and uncertain of what the future holds for them, but we know that You have a greater purpose that pertains not only to our present circumstances but also with eternity in view. Help us to find opportunities this historic week of Christ’s death to direct people’s attention to Your Word and the gospel message of salvation. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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