“A Prayer of Thanks for the Cross”

April 7, 2020

Father, when we survey the wondrous cross; the events that led up to this most important time period in history, our hearts are stirred with a contemplative blend of contrition and joyful gratitude for the sin debt You paid on our behalf. The weight of the cross, so heavy that our beaten Savior fell beneath its heavy load, is symbolic of the crushing debt load of sin He carried on our behalf. So heavy in fact that You, our Father God, had to turn away from Your beloved Son as He alone bore the sin of the world. That supremely dark hour was cringing for the loving onlookers as their beloved breathed His last. Christ’s dead body lay in a tomb while His followers were grievous, fearful, questioning, filled with confusion, doubt, regret and without direction. But that would soon change and their lives, along with millions throughout the centuries – ours included – were forever changed and eternally secured through the blood bought Lamb’s sacrificial death. Thank You, Father, for Jesus in whose name we pray. Amen.

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