“A Prayer Of Trust In God’s Safekeeping”

August 12, 2020

Father, daily we entrust our safe keeping to others as we venture out on the highway, as we eat food provided by total strangers, as we take medicine that could bring about disastrous results rather than healing. When we use time-saving power tools or electrical gadgets we are at the mercy of modern inventions and other people, the vast majority of them being complete strangers. Whether it’s the driver of the subway or pilot of the aircraft, whether it’s the children obeying the crossing guard or a doctor prescribing a cure for what ails us or if it’s a soldier looking to his comrades to cover for his safety, we rely on these animate and inanimate objects everyday and yet, as believers, we more fully rely on Your providence, Your knowledge, Your power and goodness to care for us in dangerous settings. What reassurance we garner as we realize that You are always watching and caring for us. And when our time on this side has expired You are there waiting to usher us to our eternal abode where no danger lurks, no sins defile and no sorrow awaits us. Praise be to Your holy name forevermore. Amen.

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