“A Prayer For Election Day”

November 3, 2020

Father, we are privileged to vote on this historic election day. Our country is deeply divided, our biblical values are assaulted daily, and our personal freedoms are diminishing year after year. Yet we still have a voice in the electing of our governing officials.

We pray for discernment in voting for our country’s leadership, from the highest office level to small town officials. We pray for our godly candidates that want to make a spiritual impact in the prevailing secularism of our land.

Like Joseph, Daniel, David, and Paul, who influenced the government of their day, we pray for wise, fierce, and courageous leaders who will uphold standards that align with Scripture, that will seek to change laws that intimidate or penalize believers who practice their faith in the public arena.

No matter the election outcome our trust is fixed on You, both here and now and for all eternity. Amen.

Prayer for Election:  Here’s an excellent format with guidelines in praying for our election we shared yesterday. Many have been praying for quite some time, but perhaps the Lord will use these biblical suggestions from writer Dave Butts to enhance your prayer time as we approach tomorrow’s deadline for voting. How to Pray for the Upcoming Election

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