“A Prayer Of Resolve To Be Faithful”

January 26, 2021

Father, we read throughout the period of the Judges that the people of Israel endured great heartache and spiritual defeat because each one became his own authority and acted on his own opinions of what was right and wrong. They did not look to You as the final authority; they disregarded Your holy laws and chose to do that which was right in their own eyes. We see this prevailing attitude in our own day, but as believers we acknowledge that our judgment is flawed and our motives are selfish when we do not submit our will to a holy God who knows what is best for His children. We want to obey Your laws and surrender our will as we seek to do what is good and right in Your eyes resulting in our hearts being strengthened and our lives being blessed as we walk in the ways of Christ in whose name we pray. Amen.

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