“A Prayer For The Gathering Of the Local Church”

March 8, 2021

Father, this pandemic and those in authority who have responded to it, has presented many long term ramifications that will likely not disappear even when the contagion factor is no longer widespread. Some families have taken positions that have caused division, government officials have wrongly politicized the disease, many churches have splintered, church leadership in some locales has been persecuted, and devastating heartbreak remains for those whose loved ones died without loving and proper good-byes. We need healing in our local settings and we need healing in the nations since this is a global pandemic in need of a global answer to prayer. May we, as Your children, be used as a healing balm to the nations, a healing balm to the people of the earth, till the whole world knows there’s salvation in Your name, may Your healing flow through us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Prayer contains a portion of “Song for the Nations” by Chris Christensen (V. 4, adapted)

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