“A Prayer For Romans 8:28 Assurance”

October 26, 2021

Father, what tremendous comfort the Scriptures bring when I consider the uncertainties of life. About the time I get comfortable or think I’ve figured out what the future holds I am thrown a ringer. I’m so grateful for passages of reassurance such as Romans 8:28 that reminds me You’re working on my behalf even though evil is prevalent and I’m often affected by its presence. As a blood-bought child of Yours, You have called me to work Your purpose and will for my life. What You have purposed for me cannot be thwarted though the enemy may stalk me or make me his target. After all, since You are for us, who can be against us. Help me to receive Your deep abiding peace even in the midst of difficult and perplexing situations, because I know that You use even those circumstances for our long-range good. May our trusting response to these undesirable sufferings prove to believers and unbelievers alike that we are becoming more and more like Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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