“A Prayer For Springtime”

March 2, 2022

Father, as we are nearing the end of the winter season we are delighted to feel and see the signs of spring; the warming air, the songbirds making their spring debut, the bulbs popping up out of the cold ground bursting into color, people spending more time outdoors. Even as the earth is being renewed with new life we want to renew our hearts and follow hard after You. We acknowledge You as the very reason we exist and we want to press on in our commitment to follow hard after You. And as we follow hard after You we continue to be burden bearers praying for those in need like the people of Ukraine who are in dire need of Your help as they face a David/Goliath battle. So many major needs arise such as protection against their enemies and arsenal, food provisions, transportation, sanitation, lodging provisions for those seeking refuge and so much more. We pray for family members desperate to hear of their loved one’s safety. May this also be a time that those in dangerous settings recognize their greatest need is to follow after You as we also pray for peace in Ukraine and that region of the world. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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