Prayer for the “National Day Of Prayer”

May 5, 2022

Father, we are grateful for Your abundant mercy extended to us because You are a loving, forgiving God. You have called on us, Your children, to be a people of prayer and devotion. We pray for our people to repent of neglect and defiance of Your holy commands. We lift our hearts to You, gracious Father, seeking forgiveness and favor. As You view our troubled, sin-ridden nation we ask once again for mercy, for a visitation of Your Holy Spirit to overshadow, convict and heal our land. Revive us again in devotion to You. Do not give us over to our sins, as we deserve, but give us, instead, over to passionate prayer and a heart of repentance and an obedient spirit that moves Your heart. We come against the powers of darkness that seek to extinguish the light of Your salvation that brings help and hope to weary souls in this life and secures their eternal place in heaven. Help us not to grow weary in our intercession, for we want to be faithful in prayer so that, at a future date, we will witness the harvest of souls. We pray for Your will to be accomplished in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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