“A Prayer Anticipating Heaven”

June 23, 2022

Father, how I long to breathe the air of Heaven “where pain is gone and mercy fills the streets; to look upon the One who bled to save me and walk with Him for all eternity”. But until You call me to my eternal home I choose to experience Your grace and mercy on this side of glory, to walk day by day with my eyes fixed on an eternal and everlasting vacation in heaven. The thrill of living in a sin free environment where You are physically present and where aging, suffering, and death do not exist will change all the heartache we know on earth into unending joy and gladness and gratitude for all eternity; gratitude to Christ “who yielded His life our redemption to win, and opened the life-gate that all may go in.” We will be forever grateful. Amen.

“Hymn of Heaven” by Phil Wickham
“To God Be the Glory” by Fanny Crosby

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